Youth Programs

Borderlands Pilgrimage038

J2A Pilgrimage to Borderlands Retreat Center  in South Dakota.

Children's and Youth Ministries

Sunday school: taking place from september through may, our sunday school meets in the sunday school room under the parish hall from 10 a.M. To 10:40. Children will then join their parents in the sanctuary for communion. Curriculim based on godly play. For ages 4 through third grade.
Acolyte service: this is an ideal ministry for the younger members of the congregation. Any child age 8 or older is invited to join our acolyte corps. They will learn about liturgy, the chancel space and why we do what we do! This service is vital to the life of the church. We will also include a few outings. Never want to forget the fun element!

Messy church: this is creative educational and fun junior youth group experience that is held on friday evenings as scheduled (please see church calendar). It also includes off-site field trips. There are three rules for messy church:

  • make some noise
  • make a mess
  • make some friends

What kid wouldn’t like that? Messy church is a program that we have imported from england and adapted for use for grades 4-8. Friends, as always, are welcome!

Messy Church

Some of our messy church kids at mardi gras

Sacramental preparation series: this involves short series of classes for communion prep (ages 6+) or confirmation (ages 12+). Scheduled as needed

Teen supper club: a new offering for our older youth. This will be done jointly with st. Nicholas episcopal church. For our first year (2013-2014) we will explore the missionary journeys of paul through a look at scripture, culture and food. Yes, food! To discuss the journeys, we will meet in ethinc restaurants that reflect where paul was at the time. First stop, damascus, where we will dine at a syrian restaurant. The highlight of our year together will be paul’s journey to rome, where we too, will journey … but by bus to nyc for italian food and an overnight!

Gathering our youth: this is an initiative among the episcopal churches in montgomery county for interparish activities. Some of our activities include lock-ins, markoff’s haunted forest (for older and the non-squeemish), ice skating, hershey park and a whole lot more… middle and high school.

Interfaith youth service ministries: we have partnered with a local sufi muslim community (international cultural center) and a local jewish community (am kolel jewish renewal community) to create ministry opportunites for our youth, that they might work together to answer need in the community. Every month we gather at the icc (montgomery village) for the youth against hunger program where we make hundreds of sandwiches that are then delivered to area shelters. We do joint fundraising and social activities, as well.


Volunteer Opportunities for Parents and Adults:

  • Teaching in any of the programs.
  • Being a guest speaker.
  • Coordinating snacks, social activities, mission activities.
  • Assisting with special events such as Youth Sundays, Diocesan youth outings (Cathedral Lock-in, weekend retreats, etc.)

Interested in learning more about our youth programs? Please email the Rev. Terri Murphy, Director of Religious Education or call the office: 301-587-3272.