Welcome to Ascension!



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A Message from the Rector

Dear Visitor and Newcomer,

I am a cradle Episcopalian which means I grew up in the Episcopal Church. I have not always been a priest! I remember what it was like visiting various congregations, searching for a "spiritual home" - a faith community which could help me draw closer to God.

Some were very warm and welcoming and accepted me unconditionally for who I was. But others, were not as warm and welcoming. Often I would stand alone in coffee hour with no one speaking to me. Often I would stand aloof while people passed the Peace with their friends, not noticing that there was a stranger in their midst who longed for belonging.

At Ascension, we strive to be a warm and welcoming place. No matter where you are on your journey - you are welcome to participate in the liturgy, to eat at the Lord's table, and to share a bit of your faith journey if you feel moved to do so. Here there is unconditional acceptance for you, for your family, for your spouse or partner, for all who are important to you and with whom you share your life.

Therefore, please help us to get to know you. Introduce yourself to me and to others. Come to coffee hour and chat a bit. Come to one of the many services/events/activities/gatherings that Ascension offers (you can view these on the The Sweet Spirit Express - our weekly email news bulletin.) And if you don't feel welcome - LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT! (revdrjeb@comcast.net or 301-587-3272.)

Myself, the parish staff, the parish leadership, and the people of Ascension strive to the best of our ability to live out Christ's call to be a sacred place where all people can find love, support, spiritual nurture, education, comfort, friendship, opportunities for mission in the local community and the world, joy, and fun! In essence, our hearts are in the right place - and we don't want to let you down. Welcome to Ascension and hope you find in us - in time - a spiritual home!

Dear Seekers & Skeptics,

All are welcome at Ascension. If you are a seeker or a skeptic, come and dialogue, ask the hard questions of theology and faith, and let us struggle through them together.  As the saying goes: "Jesus died to take away our sins - not our minds!" One of the strengths of the Episcopal Church and our faith community of Ascension is that we do not have to be the same, feel the same, or believe the same. Diversity is a gift to be celebrated. We strive to have all voices included from a variety of perspectives so we can grow and learn together. And so, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey, you are welcome!
Faithfully, Joan+
The Rev. Dr. Joan E. Beilstein, Rector