Adult Formation Programs
For information regarding any of the programs below, please contact the parish office:


Sacramental Preparation – Church of the Ascension offers preparation for marriage and baptism, as well as classes for Communion Education and Confirmation Prep as well. To schedule baptism of marriage preparation appointments, please contact the Rector. Confirmation and Communion Education Class for Children are scheduled at various times throughout the year. 

Women’s Lenten Retreat – This weekend is a gem!  This is a wonderful way to get away and make some new friends! 

Men's Fall Retreat - This weekend is a wonderful time of spiritual reflection and community building. 

Education for Ministry - EFM is a program of theological education for lay persons. Every baptised person is called to ministry, and the EfM program provides the tools to follow and explore that call. It is a four-year program that includes Scripture, Theology, and Church History, with the common theme of Theological Reflection. The cost of the program is $350 per year, and scholarship is available.  At Ascension, EfM meets in Ascension House on Thursday evenings and the occasional Sunday afternoon/evening double session (to make up for those Thursdays when the Vestry meets). For more information, please contact Anne LeVeque (EfM Facilitator) at [email protected] and please see the EfM website: 

Adult Formation Series – Seasonal series are held on Wednesday evenings in Lent and Advent. Starting with a simple potluck at 6:30, we explore any number of themes. The discussion ends at 8:30. All are welcome. Bring a friend!

Adult Forums - Throughout the year special programs are scheduled to discuss a variety of topics from anti-racism and social justice, politics andn faith, etc. Watch for postings on the google calendar or on our home page.

From Rome to Canterbury – We welcome into our doors many whose journey has started elsewhere. Our class From Rome to Canterbury is designed specifically for those who are considering (or have made) the transition from the Roman Catholic Church to the Episcopal Church. Given periodically throughout the year, the class addresses issues of sociology, theology and history with an eye to understanding what spiritual riches both traditions have to offer. This is not a class for ‘conversion’ but a class for discernment as to where God may be leading one to live out their faith walk. Anyone who is interested in learning more about these two faith traditions is welcome to attend. For more information, please contact Rev. Terri Murphy at [email protected].