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We are proud to belong to the Episcopal Church!


About The Episcopal Church & The Anglican Communion.
The Episcopal/Anglican Church of the Ascension is a member of the Episcopal Diocese of Washington, which is comprised of over 100 congregations and ministries. Therefore, our mission contributes to the larger mission of the National Church, which in turn contributes to the larger mission of the Anglican Communion. For more information, please visit the following web sites:
The Episcopal Diocese of Washington -
The Rt. Rev. Mariann Edgar Budde, Bishop of Washington
The Episcopal Church (national & international) -
The Anglican Communion -


Welcome by Joan Beilstein, Rector
Episcopal Welcome Sign


  Welcome to Ascension!
 Please visit us in person
 whether you are looking
  for a permanent
faith community,
 just exploring, 
or visiting the area!
No matter where you are
 on your spiritual journey, 
you are welcome!
 The Rev. Dr. Joan E. Beilstein, Rector+
and Newcomers, 
 Please click on
and Newcomer's link
on the menu to your left
for a special message
from Joan+
What We Have To Offer You!
What Ascension
has to Offer!
+  A sacrd space to draw closer
to Jesus Christ.
+An expansive, generous view
of God.
Worship which is joyful
and inspiring.
+ A diverse and
welcoming community.
+ Encouragement to ask
faith's hard questions.
+ Opportunties to develop
spiritual gifts.
+ Christian formation & education
for ALL ages.
+ A commitment to outreach
and social justice.
+ Friendship on one's
spiritual journey.
+ A church to pray, serve,
and have fun in!
+ A place to be, belong,
and become.
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Holy Spirit Dove - Pentecost
Weekly Email Newsletter
Come Worship with Us! All are Welcome!
8:00 AM - Holy Eucharist
(said, our smaller,
more contemplative service)
10: AM - Holy Eucharist
(our largest service,
with choir and music
*Worships in the Parish Hall
June 22nd  - Septemeber 15th, 2014
12:00 PM - Holy Eucharist
with Healing Rite
Please note:
The Healing Rite is also offered
the first Sunday of every montht
at Sunday services.
(Healing, Birthdays,
Anniversaries, Deaths, etc.)
Please email the parish office to add
For special Worship services
(Baptisms, Marriages, Burials, etc.)
please contact the Rector -
The Rev. Dr. Joan E. Beilstein
Office: (301) 587-3272
We support Marriage Equality!
Worship Services & Events
Worship Services & Events
May 2014 - October 2014
For a complete listing,
click the link below.
For more information,
please email 
The Rev. Terri Murphy